Schönleber Blümlein - where Tradition meets Quality

"We are totally committed to producing `best in class´ quality for our customers".

There is one area where the Riesling wine does its best in Germany, according to one very popular wine guide. Located in the Rhine valley, the Rheingau is some 60 km from Frankfurt and here you will find one of the ambitious winemakers in the region.

The Schönleber Blümlein vinery dates to 1746, and over successive generations it has always understood that quality means quality. Continuous improvement requires attention to detail and this attention has to be paid every day.

Tradition meets quality

Schönleber Blümlein is a family driven enterprise with a solid understanding of customer satisfaction, best in class, service excellence and quality. You can always trust on their way of handling the grape. As a result you can enjoy one of the loveliest Riesling wine you ever had enjoyed. All of the grapes are handpicked, no harvesting is done with a machine.

Of course modern technology is used: sensors control 24 hours temperature measurements, modern steel tanks are used and quality control management exist throughout.

Riesling at its best

Schönleber-Blümlein offers more than 70% white wine, most of them Riesling, Chardonnay and white burgundy. For all friends of red wines a deep red, soft velvet Burgundy is also produced.

Nowadays the Rheingau has closed the gap to the French (Grand gru) by launching their "Erstes Gewächs". The well known German Newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has highlighted "Erstes Gewächs" from Schönleber Blümlein as superb.

All over the world

Schönleber Blümlein is exporting to the United States, Japan and to Asia. Customers around the globe have made friends with wine from sympathetic and friendly familiy. "We care for our customers" is written in old letters in the cellar. And they do so.

The outstanding harvest is now ready for sale.

You are invited to come to visit to test the outstanding character of these wines. And remember what Germany`s Dr. Wolfgang von Goethe once said. "Life is too short, to have a cheap, bad wine."